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  • 3 Summer Favorite Flavors

    Aug 27 2019

    3 Flavors To Finish Off Summer During the peak season of summer we have seen flavors come and ...

  • A Guide To Batteries

    Aug 19 2019

    Save your battery, Save your wallet A blog by Jack ...

  • VPX ” Life After Regulations Conference & Seminar”

    Aug 05 2016

    Attending the Life after regulation conference and seminar  Have a lot of guest speaker in the vape industry discussing what will happen...

  • The 200ML Bazooka Bottle!!

    Aug 04 2016

    The all new bazooka bottles by Kilo! These 3 new flavors will take the vape industry by storm not only because of its size but because o...

  • NEW JUICE Alert! Kilo Black Series

    Aug 03 2016

    Kilo has just released "Black Series" the newest and hottest juice in the market for 2016. Every juice comes with a 60ml juice, key chain...